Geotour Caches

The list below can be found on the page. It is not interactive here. Please notice that three of the caches have been archived.  Muggles spoiling our fun and some logging in the Teal Lake area caused us to take them off our list. The downloadable Passport found on this website has notations for these three caches as FREE spaces.

All the cache boxes are green, plastic ammo cans. Please leave the book, pen and stamp in the baggie, and let us know if anything is missing from the baggie. Most of the caches are pretty easy to find. If you are having trouble, take a look at the clue or comments from other cachers. A couple places might take some tricky stealth to grab the cache. ┬áPlease enjoy our visit around the Olympic Peninsula. Look up, too. It’s gorgeous here.

List not interactive.